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Information Gathering

As part of any hydraulic maintenance contract we would prior to requirements for contract start gather the system information from project records. From this we would establish contacts with system vendors and equipment suppliers to establish contacts if required.

Establish project spares holding

For other Hydraulic maintenance contract clients we have established a required spares and consumables stockholding through discussion. These spares are held either offshore, onshore at customer warehouse or at our facility. This spares holding would be established through a criticality study between HSL and client.

Personnel availability
We would establish a maximum call out time and client would be given access to 24 hr,
7-day call out service for technical support both onshore and offshore. This would include:

  • Onshore engineering
  • Onshore and offshore technical personnel, both at supervisory and technician level
  • Onshore and offshore test and certification facility
Equipment availability
Hydraulic Systems Limited has the largest available complement of Hydraulic testing, hydro-testing, hot oil flushing and certification equipment in Atlantic Canada. This is available for use offshore for all of our clients with certain of our equipment inventory being stored in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and St. John’s, Nfld.

Service Provision
Hydraulic Systems Limited provides the following Onshore and Offshore services within a Hydraulic maintenance contract format.
  • Component and system assessment (Onshore and Offshore)
  • Component and system troubleshooting (Onshore and Offshore)
  • Component Repair and re-certification (Mainly Onshore, but within the
    scope of technicians offshore in certain circumstances)
  • Hydraulic Pump and motor repair, test and re-certification up to 200 HP
    on our in shop test facility.
  • Accumulator and cylinder rebuild, test and re-certification to the requirements
    or third party certification authority.
  • In house and on site fabrication, hydrotest, hot oil flushing and certification of tube spools for offshore installation. This in the main for modification workscopes where pre-fabrication is a necessity to minimize system downtime offshore
  • Critical component monitoring services. This provision is to install test points
    at appropriate points to facilitate the condition monitoring of critical components.
    A periodic check is made at an interval to be agreed upon through discussion
    with project engineering. This to identify potential component failure in critical
    areas prior to the event.

Quality Control
Hydraulic Systems Limited operates an ISO 9002 quality control system, in order to ensure that all aspects of our business are carried out to a minimum quality standard.
All of our personnel are subject to ongoing training to ensure that we constantly improve our quality standard.

Contract Format
In normal circumstances these type of contracts are formatted using established and agreed rates, both offshore and onshore for manpower and equipment. It then becomes a call off contract normally based upon Work Task Order – Cost, Time, and Resources estimates.We would also normally establish a maximum mark-up for material sourced from outside our own distributed product lines. Material from within our own product lines would be provided as required at the maximum discount level available for that product. We also maintain an open book policy for audit of contract paperwork. Back To Top

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