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Hydraulic Systems Limited provide a unique oil flushing service, using conventional or our patented equipment, developed to increase operating efficiency and reduce timescales. This equipment, and our team of experienced technicians, provide an effective and highly economical service onshore, offshore and overseas, for the rapid and effective clean up of lube, seal and hydraulic oil systems.

Our equipment is compact, transportable, may be diesel or electrically driven and configured to work in hazardous areas.

Conventional Flushing Units

Hydraulic Systems Limited’s conventional flushing equipment has been developed over many years to ensure the correct parameters are achieved during flushing operations. Flowrates up to 10,000 L/min can be achieved using Hydraulic Systems Limited equipment.

Our joint Venture partnet Norson Services patented FlowMac technology utilizing pulsing techniques allow pipe systems to be effectively flushed in a shorter time with less power demand and consumption.

FlowMac Nitro
Effective flushing of umbilicals or control lines up to 5km long is carried out by Norson's compact patented FlowMac Nitro Unit. The loading stage automatically charges the line with alternate slugs of oil and nitrogen. When pressure is released, turbulence occurs down the length of the line without the normal pressure drop problems encountered with conventional flushing.

FlowMac Pump/
Accumulator Unit

Flow rates 50-10,000 L/min

Effective Flushing
In order for flushing to be effective:
  • Turbulent flow must be achieved
  • Reynolds No. must be > 4000
  • High velocity required to remove contaminants
  • High quality filtration must be used
Hydraulic Systems Limited’s highly experienced technicians ensure that these criteria are fulfilled to provide the fast, cost-effective service.

On site certification of contamination levels to NAS 1638 and ISO 4406 are carried out by technicians trained in manual particle counts using binocular microscopes or automatic particle count equipment.

Conventional Flushing Units
Hydraulic Systems Limited use off-line filter units incorporating PALL high Beta Ratio filters to provide efficient and rapid contamination removal.
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